Augmented AI based Data Analytics

Augmented AI based Data Analytics

GRMC supports you to increase the productivity and extend the life-period of your transportation assets, associated with road, rail, waterway or bridge networks. Our predictive analysis system provides maintenance information which is helpful to optimize performance in an effective and profitable way. We support you to make better decisions about maintenance of other assets in Telecom, Electric Utility, Defense, National security, Oil and gas etc. The targeted task can be easily executed with focus onto that particular asset. We increase the safety, performance and reliability in various verticals. Our solutions help you to plan, design, construct and operate utility infrastructure to meet ever-changing industry requirements, reduce costs and deliver sustainable, safe, timely, and reliable service. Our offerings for planning and design include mapping and geospatial analysis, site analysis and design, substation design, network design and management, transmission tower design and so on.

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