Entertainment imaging and Analytics Solutions

Entertainment imaging and Analytics Solutions

GRMC helps its customers stay ahead of the technology curve. We were one of the companies in the world to have a dedicated team focusing on Video analytics, Multimedia frameworks, codec Optimization, parallel processing, statistical analysis Audio/Video post processing, Webrtc technologies, GPR Imaging solution & ADAS. Our engineers are committed to deliver high quality services across the Linux, Android and iOS eco systems.

Our engineers have expertise in:

  • Video content extraction and analytics
  • Radar Imaging solutions
  • Geometric extraction of Image
  • Facial recognition;
  • Motion detection based on movement and gait;
  • Unattended object detection (both objects that are taken and left behind);
  • Object counting, such as cars or people; and
  • Creating detailed histories of traffic patterns
  • DSP Application & Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Codec integration and Multimedia players on different platforms.
  • Codec optimization for H264, H265, VPx, AVS, MP3, AAC
  • Advanced driver assistant system in Automotive domain
  • Webrtc based Video conferencing system for Healthcare & Education domains
  • Breadth of platforms, frameworks & tools
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